Matcha Tea to The Rescue!

In Matcha, We Trust

It seems too good to be true that so many life saving advantages could be contained in matcha tea. I’m sure that there’s much skepticism in your head about what I’m preaching.

It Goes Way Back…

Matcha tea is an ancient concoction. To make it, dried out green tea leaves are finely ground into a powder that infuses into hot water. The green tea plant that’s used is called Camellia senensis Theaceae (Isemura et al). Fortunately, you won’t need to remember that for the SATs.

Stay Healthy, My Friends

Whether people like the taste, there is no question that green tea has a multitude of health-benefits. Matcha tea has been known to have the potential of lowering cholesterol, burning fat, and preventing strokes and heart disease. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. Sources have even said it has the potential of getting rid of cancer! The list of benefits go on and on. The truth of matcha tea’s health benefits are found in compounds called anti-oxidants (Edgar).

What’s An Antioxidant?

Antioxidants help us get rid of the junk in our bodies. You may not realize it, but for every second you read this paper, your body is creating waste in the form of damaged cells. Our cells are being damaged by oxidation. Apples turning brown, fish rotting, fruit making your house smell — all of these are caused by oxidation. Oxidation occurs when cells interact with oxygen. It happens everywhere in the world around us. When our bodies perform cellular functions, oxidation is happening at the same time. It is a very natural process that cannot be prevented.

Free Radicals Attack

Damaged cells, called free radicals, are created when our molecular cells break apart. The unpaired molecule goes berserk searching for another molecule’s electron to pair up with. Healthy pairs of cells will then be attacked by free radicals because they provide available electrons. Along with oxidation, free radicals can be formed in our bodies from things in the environment. Things such as stress, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep can also be factors that cause cells to become damaged (Monavie).

Antioxidants Heal

So how exactly do the antioxidants in match tea help keep free radicals from completely annihilating our bodies? Antioxidants have the ability to donate their own electrons to the free radicals without themselves becoming free radicals. This prevents free radicals from tearing apart healthy cells because the antioxidants supply free radicals with the electrons that free radicals would have taken from healthy cells. Consequently, our cells are left unscathed by free radicals and in working condition (Monavie).

More About Antioxidants

Antioxidants can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables that we eat. Most of these healthy foods are tested on the ORAC scale. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. The ORAC scale was developed by the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health and it measures the effectiveness of antioxidants in foods.

Catechins Are Cool Too

Because of the many antioxidants and active ingredients of matcha tea working together, people that drink matcha tea can gain many benefits. One benefit is weight loss.

Anti-Aging Antioxidants

Another potential benefit of matcha tea is the anti-aging effects on the skin. Free radicals have the capabilities of destroying healthy skin cells. Fortunately, matcha tea’s antioxidant properties are able to protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals that cause wrinkling and skin aging. At last, people will have a chance to have more youthful, beautiful skin for years to come (Agarwal et al).

Anti-bacterial/viral Properties

Consuming matcha tea gives you the potential to directly kill off bacteria and viruses because of the powerful catechin antioxidant, EGCG. EGCG is highly anti-inflammatory as well. This can help fend off bacteria, viruses, and inflammation that may potentially cause the flu and cold. The chances of catching the cold or flu can be dramatically decreased with consumption of matcha tea (Agarwal et al).

Cardiovascular Benefits

Moreover, even the chances of being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease are greatly reduced after drinking matcha tea. Matcha tea has been shown to lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol and fight obesity, two risk factors for heart disease and diabetes (Edgar).

Antioxidant Powers

Matcha tea has also been shown to play a part in fighting and preventing cancer. Experiments have shown that the antioxidant EGCG has been able to inhibit tumor cells from becoming cancerous. It has the ability to do this by increasing the production of normal cells while also increasing the death of tumor cells at the same time. EGCG is also able to prevent the blood flow to the tumor cells that could become cancerous (Agarwal et al).


It’s not like we haven’t had any success at all with the consumption of matcha tea preventing cancer in humans.

Respiratory Benefits

The list of benefits doesn’t stop here. Matcha tea has also been shown to reduce severity of asthma by relaxing the muscles of the bronchial tubes. People’s stress levels and anxiety have also been seen to decrease from an amino acid, L-theanine, that’s in green tea. Even toxins and bacteria that cause food poisoning are found to be killed by catechins in matcha tea.

Brain Power

Another more interesting idea that’s currently being studied is matcha tea’s effect on the brain (Agarwal et al). Matcha green tea has shown evidence of making you smarter! Many polyphenols in matcha tea are able to directly access the brain and protect neurons from free radicals that produce toxins and destroy cells. The polyphenols increase the production of new brain cells while also being able to slow aging of the brain.

Matcha Tea is Magical

Honestly, with the seemingly never-ending number of benefits, it must be apparent now that matcha tea does have the capability of bettering your health in many ways. Maybe matcha tea could be that elixir that solves all of our health problems. Even if you don’t have faith in all of these benefits, I’m sure that there’s at least one that’s sticking with you. Maybe this beverage could unlock the hidden potential of your brain and bring it into a new level of learning. It’s safe to say that there’s enough evidence to support that matcha tea is healthy for you. Before the day comes that we know all its benefits for certain, you could get a head start and start sipping matcha tea ASAP.



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